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Karcher RoboCleaner Robot Vacuum New to USA

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The price is high but this one is awesome! Robocleaner will return to the charging station and empty itself when it gets full. Robot vacuums are all small and compact so they can fit under furniture and clean where an ordinary vacuum couldn't even dream of going. The main drawback to this is they have small dirt containers. I have a house full of pet hair and can fill up a dirt container very quickly. Having a robot vacuum that can empty itself, means you can leave it alone to do the entire job. The Karcher RoboCleaner was designed in Germany so I guess you could call this the BMW of robot vacuums. Click to see price

  • Cleans up to 161 Sq Ft an hour.
  • Continuosly monitors the amount of dirt picked up so it will stay in a heavily soiled area longer.
  • Adjusts itself from carpet to bare floors.
  • Cleans up to 60 mins on one charge
  • Won't fall down stairs
  • Goes under furniture.
RoboCleaner Empties Itself
RoboCleaner Charging Station

Leave the RoboCleaner vacuum home alone to do the dirty work while you go out and shop. If it should get stuck it will turn itself off and wait for you. Having a dinner party? Why not let your robot vacuum run around whilst your guests mill around spilling orderves? Not only will RoboClaner clean, it is great entertainment. RoboCleaner is not perfect, you will still have to empty the base station dustbin. Maybe in the future it will just be able to zap the dirt into oblivion! RoboCleaner makes a great gift for newlyweds

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